Consider these aspects before getting a TV mount!

Consider these aspects before getting a TV mount!

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You have finally decided to mount your flat screen TV on the wall. The next obvious step is to select a TV mount, and before you buy one, here are some of the aspects to consider.

  • Do you have enough space on the wall? If not, it is wise to go for a ceiling mount. You can check websites like for options. It is always advisable to avoid placing the TV close to or above a fireplace.
  • Do you have additional space for other accessories? By accessories, we mean the gaming consoles, wires, cable boxes, remotes, sound systems and home theatre. These are usually placed close to the TV.
  • How do you plan to install the mount? Some TV wall mounts require professional assistance, while others can be installed easily with basic tools found in every home. Consider this as a point of contention when you are comparing different options.
  • What’s your ideal amount type? If you are low on budget, you need a fixed TV mount. Full-motion or articulate mounts are one of the better choices, especially if you want to move the screen both vertically and horizontally.
  • What’s the size and shape of your TV? Not all flat screens are great for mounting, so keep that in mind. It also makes sense to select a wall mount that’s durable, sturdy and can withstand the weight of the screen for a long time.
  • Do you need more viewing angles? The same TV can be used in two rooms if you go for a swiveling mount. Consider the viewing angles and from which points of the room you would use the TV.
  • What’s your budget? This largely determines the kind of product you can finally buy. Expect to pay a considerable amount more for an articulating TV mount, but if you consider the pros and benefits, this is the best choice.

Other things to note

With TV mounting, you may have to deal with a considerable amount of extra wire, which must be concerned, and for that, a professional is often required. As for the options, you can certainly find more online, and some of the better ones are often available on discount. Compare your requirement and consider where you will place the TV before buying one. Make sure that the product and your screen are VESA compliant, so that the installation process can be completed right away. Shortlist a few options now!

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