How do different sectors verify the IDs? What is the procedure?

How do different sectors verify the IDs? What is the procedure?

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When enrolling in any travel or bank, an automated ID verification process is a necessity and is very crucial to protect you or your account from getting stolen or frauds. A tight verification is a need for combating identity frauds and criminal activities relating to it, and Automated ID Authentication, serves the purpose to keep your identification safe.

The procedure known as Know Your Customer and commonly known as KYC is used in almost all private and public sectors. Also, KYC is used in the document verification agencies for combatting financial and identity frauds and is in accordance with the international regulations for combating money laundering and financing of terrorists.

Documents Needed

For verification software is used as it is free of any human error and weaknesses. The software verifies identity documents automatically, both electronic as well as the features of physical security.

Following are the identity documents you need:

  • ID cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Passports
  • Social Security Number
  • Visas
  • And other identity documents

These documents will be checked and stored in the database. Those documents can be administered centrally and synchronized automatically in local repositories.

The ID is then checked through the verification software for automated ID authentication to find that if those are genuine government identities.

Integrated Document Verification

The software is fully equipped with editing platform that can be customized and allows you to make verification of every document on any identity document. Also, you can make your identification verification more authentic by enabling biometry system to know if the person who is submitting the identity documents are the real owners of the documents or an identity thief.

Where can you use the Authentic ID Verification software?

Apart from travel and bank identity software can be put in many public and private sectors. You can use the software in the telecom sector, money transfers, post offices, currency exchange, car rental companies and a lot of other sectors. In the telecom sector, it is very important as most of the government telecom regularities have strictly advised the telecom companies to verify identity and to use automatic ID verification software is a great way to do it. When telecom companies used automated ID verification software, the fake ID subscriber has slashed down to a surprising percent.

There are benefits of Automated ID Authentication software from every point, and you can either use them as a stand-alone or software development kit which can work with a third-party system or a proprietary.