Google To Start Ranking Sites Based On Their Mobile Versions

Google To Start Ranking Sites Based On Their Mobile Versions

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Singapore digital marketing agencies come up with ways of staying abreast of the various SEO changes made by Google to continue ranking their sites high on this major search engine. Having recently hinted that it will start showing different search results for desktop and mobile users, Google has dropped another bombshell.

Based on the fact that most of the searches are now being conducted using mobile devices, the company intends to start ranking search results according to the mobile content on the site. The management team also revealed that they have already begun to do experiments before officially implementing the changes.

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In light of the recent news about the splitting of desktop and mobile indexing, this announcement is not a bolt out of the blue but is it still a crucial issue that web development agencies in Singapore and marketing agencies need to take serious and prepare accordingly.

Here are hints and tips from Google on how to prepare for this looming change.

Responsive and dynamic serving sites

If you already have a responsive site whose primary content is similar to the desktop and mobile versions, you do not need to change anything. However, digital marketing companies that don’t have such a site need to come up with new platforms to remain competitive and relevant.

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Companies whose primary content and markup varies across the desktop and mobile version need to make some changes to their sites.

Have structured markup

Both mobile and desktop versions of your site need to have structured markup. Use a structured data testing tool to know if both versions of your business site conform to this requirement. When adding structured data to the mobile website, be cautious not to add large amounts of markup data that is not relevant to the content in the documents.

Utilize a Robots.txt testing tool

Use one of the accredited robots.txt testing tools to check if your mobile website is accessible to the Googlebot.

These four tips will help you stay ahead of the game and continue to generate revenue from your digital marketing campaigns here in Singapore and from other parts of the world.