Human vs Google Translators: The Importance of Accuracy

Human vs Google Translators: The Importance of Accuracy

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With the World Wide Web expanding our horizons globally, we find ourselves coming across articles and websites in foreign languages almost daily. Most of us turn to Google Translate to make sense of what we are reading, but, as anyone knows, that program leaves a lot to be desired. It works by finding patterns based on previously translated documents, and so it makes no allowance for nuances in the document it is now working on, nor does it tailor the translation to the audience, which creates an end result peppered with a bunch of gibberish, incorrect punctuation and grammar, other inconsistencies interspersed throughout the article.

When you need to have your text or important documents translated, it is even more essential to have a human doing the translating, not a program. You want the intended audience to have complete understanding of your work, not have them sit there trying to piece together the translation like a jigsaw puzzle. Your work is too important for that.

Say you’ve written an article and need an English to German translation. You definitely want it done by a bilingual professional German translator, who would get an overall feel for what you are saying and the nuances involved in the wording, understand the ideas you are putting forth, and be able to match the tone and vibrancy of your message, rather than being left with the robotic and uninspired end result you would get from a machine translator. The human translator is able to do both German professional translations as well as German native translations, whereas with a machine, you get what you get.

With a slew of reputable sites online, such as Wordemy, you are able to hire an actual human, fluent in German – or any other language – and skilled in presenting your work in exactly the manner you require. When professionalism and accuracy are paramount, a human translator is most definitely the way to go.