Interesting Facts about Jazz Music

Interesting Facts about Jazz Music

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In 1920s Jazz was the most popular music in the World. It`s emotional notes represented the age really well. For now jazz is not as popular as it used to be, though there is still a plenty of jazz bands. Let us take a closer look at the history of development of this music genre.

The History of Jazz

Jazz started developing in the late 80s. African-American people were no longer slaves and were officially allowed to develop their own culture. Deep voices of men in combination with national instruments and American influence resulted in birth of new genre.

  • 1900s

The 1900s was the time when jazz was no longer an underground music, but had not become popular yet. Talented artists were performing in New Orlean and around Louisiana.

  • 1920s

1920s are often referred to as the “Jazz Age”. The talent of the jazz musicians was recognized, so they started touring around the whole Northern America, including the largest cities, like New York, Chicago and Washington.

Jazz music was often associated with criminals. It`s because 1920s were the years, when alcohol was officially prohibited in the United States. There were underground bars selling illegal alcohol, where jazz musicians did perform quite often.

The best known artist of the “Jazz Golden Age” are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Kid Ory.

  • 1940s

The times were changing as well as people were. So jazz started changing and evolving. Those jazz musicians, who were light-hearted and positive, added more guitar and drums, which resulted in creating rock-n-roll music. The ones, who relied on tempo and own voice created hip-hop, and those, passionate about music were the fathers of funk.

Classical jazz continued existing, though it was not as popular as it used to be.

  • Our days

After drum machines were created and electronic music became popular, jazz got the second breath. Such genres as swing, lo-fi and electro-swing appeared. They are not the most popular types of music these days, but still.

Interesting facts about jazz

Jazz musicians of the Golden Age were funny and original people.

●       Jazz was played on steamboats

Steamboats were all over the rivers of America. Jazz musicians were allowed to enter these boats and play music on board to entertain people in the city.

●       There is official jazz day in America

Jazz had had such a great influence on developing of American culture, that people are celebrating the day of jazz till nowadays. It is on April the 30th.

●       Jazz made World notice talented female singers

Women were not accepted seriously as singers until the early 1900s, when they started singing jazz. Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne are the most known female singers of that time.

●       Modern Jazz players use tube amplifiers to recreate the old atmosphere

Tube amplifiers are small and specifically popular. They are not as efficient and loud as the modern transistor models. However, there is one interesting thing about them: they create harmonic sound distortion (which is not usually considered OK), that makes sound waves sound like if they were coming from a vintage speaker.

This little trick allows partly recreate the old type of sound. By the way, if you are interested in creating electro-swing, lo-fi or even classical jazz music, a tube amplifier is the piece of equipment you should have.

There is a great article about picking equipment of this kind reed. Feel free to check it out, you are guaranteed to find more info on tube mechanisms and picking the correct amplifier for yourself.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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