Never Lose Your Keys Again

Never Lose Your Keys Again

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Everyone has lost their keys, phone, purse, or wallet at some point and nothing is more frustrating than running around your home in circles tearing the couch and car apart. Furthermore, it can be scary when you aren’t sure if your wallet is simply under something or in the hands of a total stranger after being picked up in the Woolworths’ parking lot.

But people who frequently lose their personal necessities can breathe easier with the latest development of small Bluetooth tracking tiles. These are relatively new products and primarily come in the form of a tag that can be attached to keys, bags, and even a pet collar.

Tracker Capabilities

Bluetooth tracking tags stay in constant communication with your smartphone through the proper software from the tracker vendor. If necessary, it is easy for you to pull up your phone and locate the missing item quickly and efficiently. Some tracker tags are capable of sounding an alarm in the form of a chirp or ring that will help you listen for your missing item as well. This can be particularly handy when looking for keys that fell under a car seat or a cat that is actually hiding under the neighbour’s porch.

Most Bluetooth trackers do have a distance radius, so it is important to check the specifications of any potential tracker that you buy to make sure it fits your needs. Some tracker apps will notify the user when their tracker tile has exited a certain perimeter and this allows them to head towards the missing item. Users are also always able to access the last known location which hopefully is within range. Most tracker apps will also allow a “crowd search” option that notifies all other app users of the missing item and improves the chance that one of these users will be able to see the item’s location.

Top Three Benefits

Although the main benefit is obviously finding your missing item, there are other reasons that make a Bluetooth tracker a good choice.

  • Bluetooth trackers are extremely affordable and the only additional cost is for the replacement battery when the current one is low.
  • Most tracker vendor apps are user friendly and easy to use. Some tracker apps even have a feature that allows you to ask a larger community to pull up your device on their app.
  • Recent development has made Bluetooth trackers more accurate and reliable than ever, with the ability to pass through any material. Some tracker technology, similar to that of Blaq Wolf Bluetooth key finder, offers multiple apps that work together to provide the highest accuracy all over the world.

If you frequently misplace your personal items, then a Bluetooth tracker is a practical and affordable solution for finding them quickly. Users will find that they save time searching and wondering if they’ve lost an item altogether. Even if Bluetooth trackers are not perfect, they have plenty of development potential and room to grow.

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