Quick 5 Pointers to Find a Trusted PCB Assembly Service!

Quick 5 Pointers to Find a Trusted PCB Assembly Service!

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The success and function of any electronic gadget or product are dependent on the circuit board. Once the PCB or Printed Circuit Board is manufactured, the electronic components must be soldered to it, and the process is known as printed circuit board assembly. There are various PCB assembly process steps, and each one is important. Before, the only way was to solder the components manually to the circuit board using a machine. As of now, both automated and manual ways are used. There are companies that can take care of everything, right from PCB prototyping to manufacturing and assembly. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to find a PCB assembly service.

  • Location. Yes, that matters because you don’t want to wait for your PCBs to arrive after weeks of placing the order. Also, if the company is located extremely far, the shipping costs will also increase.
  • Eventually, if PCB assembly is not done right, everything about the product can go wrong. You need to know if the company involved in assembly is using the right materials and whether they are indulging practices to cut corners. The crude materials that are used for the process and every step are extremely important.
  • For most product manufacturers, costing is an essential factor that matters, and it is best to ask for quotes in advance. However, do not choose a PCB assembly service just because it is cheap or is offering an insane price. What matters is experience and expertise, but yes, estimates do help in comparing choices.
  • Ask about testing. Just getting the steps right in PCB assembly process isn’t right. The company needs to have testing and inspection norms in place, before the circuit boards are finally shipped. Ask them as what they do to test the products that are finally sent to the customer. A good PCB assembly service will explain the aspects in detail.

  • As mentioned, PCB Assembly manufacturing is a complicated process, and there are many complex aspects that must be checked time and again. You need a company that’s experienced and has been around for at least a few years. To know the experience of the service better, always ask for references and find more on their production capabilities.

Final word

When it comes to PCB assembly, quality and affordability precedes everything else. You have to find a company that’s worth partnering with. They should be transparent with the manufacturing process and should be able to explain the process, how they procedure materials and name the vendors they deal with. With a known company for help, innovating new products and creating better PCB designs and prototypes shouldn’t be a hard task.

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