Select The Right Photos And Images For Your Website With These Tips!

Select The Right Photos And Images For Your Website With These Tips!

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Your business website is the face of your brand on the internet, and it makes sense to ensure that everything is updated. When it comes to websites, three things matter the most – interface, content and images. The website design may suffice and meet the changing trends, but if you don’t have the right pictures, you would definitely miss out on traffic.

Why images matter?

If content was enough to run a website, website designers would have an easy job at hand. Visuals make a big difference and change the way people perceive a website. Also, images can increase the amount of time that visitors spend on the site, which is also essential for the success of your portal. You can also tell better stories with the right photos.

Where to find photos and images?

First and foremost, do not compromise on the quality of the images in quest of finding free options. There are still a few good sites like royalty free photos, which offer free images that are great in resolution and can be sorted for different categories. Keep in mind that not all photo libraries are free for use, so you have to be careful about the source.

Things to note

  • Start with the niche. What kind of images best defines your website? Knowing your audience can help in understanding the choices better. Let’s say you have a portal that’s inclined towards kids. In this case, cartoons and easy images are the best options.
  • Placement of images. Images should add to the flow of the content and not the other way around. Ask your designer to ensure that the images aren’t too big or too small but works within the content.
  • Give the source. If you are using free images from any stock photo site or directory, make sure that you offer the source. This just ensures transparency and prevents any possible dispute that may arise from the source or owner.

  • Don’t use too many images. Just because you have a great collection of images doesn’t meant you will use it all. Use photos with discretion and choose the ones that can evoke some emotion or response.

Finally, keep changing the images. It can help in changing the overall look of the website, even if the content is same. Also, make sure that the website you choose for photos has enough stock, so that you can pick more.