What else can Microsoft Excel do for my company?

What else can Microsoft Excel do for my company?

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In case you have been wondering about the craze of others sending their employees for advanced Microsoft Excel courses and have no idea why are they doing so, you are looking at the right place for the ultimate answer to your question. The wonders that Microsoft Excel can do to organise your company’s management affairs and planning work is endless. Once your employees are able to master the programming skills and also apply them at work, you will get reader-friendly and professional looking reports and financial analysis rolling out during presentations.

Versatility of Microsoft Excel Helps in Productivity

The Microsoft Excel courses designed by COMAT covers a wide range of specified usages that are tailored to meet one company’s needs. Project directors, project managers, project executives and project engineers are able to benefit from such courses on learning to assess and track project risks using Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013. They could also learn to make comprehensive project data visual reports that are viewer-friendly and can be easily presented in front of stakeholders, ensuring their understanding towards the planning of the projects. There will be the use of Excel 2010’s PivotTable features to show trends easily, making your presentation even more lively, vivid and comprehensible.

Excel is especially useful for financial department

Other things that can be learnt by your employees through these advanced Microsoft Excel courses are using this software application to build financial spreadsheet models which help to forecast and analyse the financial trends going on in the company. Not only that, they are first taught the programming language of Excel, which is VBA using a building block teaching approach so that members are able to build from their existing knowledge and progress to the end product. Not only that, COMAT also offers Microsoft Excel courses that help participants do financial analysis statements for their companies. From defining five major categories of ratios (liquidity, efficiency, leverage, coverage, and profitability) to assessing their firm’s past performance, identifying problems and coming up with strategies to deal with it, Excel is able to handle all these with its income statement and balance sheet data created. In short, the data analysis in excel courses brings many advantages.

Now that you know Microsoft Excel’s excellent functions for your company, it is indeed important to look into the matter of sending your employees over to attend these advanced Microsoft Excel courses. Their prices are readily available on their websites, so it would not hurt to make a survey before and pick the right course for your employees. Maybe you would benefit something from attending the course yourself too!

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